Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No Mans, no dog, sad Vixen

Here I am. I have this grant that I should be writing, but instead I am procrastinating and having a pity party. My husband is off sailing to Bermuda, and my dog is off at doggy fun camp with her two biggest fans so I can, allegedly, get some work done. Instead, I am sitting here beating my head against a wall trying to find the best way to make my work sound significant. How do I, someone who hates to do anything resembling boasting, brag about how my work is significant? *sigh* Don't worry. I will get 'er done. Procrastination is all part of the process.

With the hubby gone, though, I have noticed a few small changes around here. So here are some ways you can tell the Fixen Vixen is minus one man in her home.

-All of the dishes in the sink are coffee cups and wine glasses. Definitely not a lot of cooking going on right now!

-Now that I don't have to share the bed with a dog or a man I have taken over the bed. I go to bed on my "usual" side of the bed only to find myself flipped around 180 degrees or draped horizontally across the whole bed. Apparently when I don't have a man/dog fence to contain me, I take over.

-I get to sleep in because there is no dog waking me up to go for a walk!! Yippee!

-I watch every Jane Austen book turned into a movie that I own, and every Sex in the City episode that I have seen a gazillion times.

-I sometimes wear the same holey sweater two days in a row. GASP!

-I am reading trashy romance novels and eating oreos in bed. Yep, I know, so cliche!

Sometimes it's nice to be a single girl again. Just not a single girl with a grant to write! Back to work Fixen Vixen!