Thursday, December 13, 2007

Past two weeks in one blog!

I know I haven't blogged forever, so here is the past two weeks in a nutshell.

I saw two movies, Atonement and The Golden Compass. Atonement was good, but made me bawl my eyes out (seriously, they were swollen the next day!). The Golden Compass was okay, but if you haven't read the book, it might be a little hard to understand. Every scene happens in at a machine-gun-like pace--boom-boom-boom-boom, the end! It has some good scenes, however, such as the bear fight. If you have read the book, you should see it (if you haven't read the book READ IT--it's a great book!).

Chipolte is just starting to open up in Boston, which made me so excited. I love their chips and guacomole! Imagine my horror when I went to the one near my house and I waited 45 min for a burrito. Mostly it was because the service was so slow. It wasn't even busy. Plus, to top it all off, they ran out of chips! As a tex-mex place, running out of chips is just not cool. Quel nightmare! I am never going to that place again. I just have to travel to Minneapolis to get my Chipolte fix.

I lost to my sis at this year's cookie exchange for best tasting cookie. 'Nough said about that. Boo!