Thursday, February 21, 2008

Valentine Surprise!

My husband is the sweetest man ever! He is twice the romantic I am, which is not hard since I think it is romantic when he washes dishes and cleans the house before I get home. Case in point, he made me melt (along with the various people who heard this story) on Valentine's Day. As part of my daily commute, I have to walk home from the bus stop, which is about two blocks away. My husband knows the route I take home, and he tied flowers and little notes addressed to "(insert my initials here)" to sign posts along the way so I would find them. How sweet is that!?!?!

Apparently, I wasn't the only person to notice my husband's PDA. The next day a couple of people went onto (a forum for selling/buying/trading/job hunting/people hunting/etc.) and wished "(insert my initials here)" a happy Valentine's day, and a couple of other (insert my initials here) were wondering if it was for them! Isn't it amazing how romantic gestures can inspire people and capture their attention? My husband was absolutely thrilled that other people saw it. I'm just thrilled that it was for me. I would feel terrible if I took another (insert my initials here)'s flowers!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nano Technology

May my shuffle rest in peace! After a couple of years of not shuffling or only shuffling between four songs, my shuffle (can it rightly be called that if it can't shuffle?) finally died. I was planning on replacing it with one of the new and very cute shuffles that Apple has recently come out with, but my husband talked me out of it. Instead, I splurged and bought the new iPod Nano, and naturally, I bought it in black. Much to the relief of my husband, I did not buy pink or red, so now he can borrow it without feeling like less of a man. He also talked me into getting the 8GB version versus the 4GB version. Unfortunately, this vast expanse of space led me to many impulse song purchases on iTunes the first couple of days, but I think I am becoming wiser and hopefully more discerning now.

So what do I think of the Nano? Well, so far, I'm a little underwhelmed. Maybe as a stalwart PC user I am just not compatible with an Apple interface. Already I have been having some issues. When I first tried turning on my new Nano, my finger slipped on the sensitive keypad and somehow everything switched to Japanese. I had to go back to the Apple store and tell a salesman that I couldn't understand what my Nano said. He gave me a funny look, but immediately went into business mode and used a display Nano to translate which menu item would let me switch over to English. I think I may also be having issues with my battery. The Nano is supposed to run for 24 hours when fully charged, and mine lasted about 6 hours when it was almost fully charged. Luckily, I got the two year warranty. Since I tend to freak out the electronic equipment around me, I figured it was a good investment.