Monday, January 28, 2008

A Wii injury

Have you tried playing a Nintendo Wii? If not, do so immediately! Even if you do not enjoy playing video games, I am positive you will enjoy the Wii. Unlike other video games, you do not press only two buttons on an itty bitty controller. Instead you actually make the movement you want your player to do in the game. For instance, if you are playing tennis, you swing your arm to make your player swing their arm. Your timing and the angle at which you swing the control also has to be right for your player to hit the ball. How cool is that! You even get to make a Mii-- a player that looks like you! One word of precaution, however. Beware Wii injuries! I was playing boxing (again, you actually have to box with the controllers in your hands), and I am pretty sure I pulled some major muscles in my arms. I cannot even lift them over my head. Ouch!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Where did all the Sabra go?

It is a tragedy! It is a catastrophe! It is a gastronomical nightmare! My grocery store no longer sells the best hummus I have ever tasted. It is called Sabra, and if you ever find some, buy it and send it to me. The pine nut or spicy pepper flavors are the best. I've never tried the greek olive shown in the picture, but I'm sure it is awesome. Oh woe is me!!!

A deprived childhood?

A coworker of mine recently came up to me full of excitement and holding a doll. Okay, to be fair, he would call it an action figure. He proudly showed it to me and said, "Look what I got!" I was puzzled. He was holding a doll/action figure that was vaguely familiar, but I really had no idea who it was. I said, "What is it?" My coworker was incredulous! "You don't know who this is??? It's Beaker from the Muppets!" What's worse is that almost all of my coworkers knew who Beaker was and couldn't believe I didn't know. Did I have a deprived childhood?

In my defense, I grew up without watching a lot of television (which is totally different now, but that is neither here nor there). As most of you know, I grew up in a somewhat isolated area, and I played outside a lot. The only television show I remember watching was Sesame Street and some Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, but I don't even remember those shows very well. In fact, there is a whole slew of things like music, television, politics, etc. that happened during my childhood that I had no idea was happening at the time. What irks me even more is that most people my age know a lot of this stuff and think of it as common knowledge. Then I think back on my childhood and remember all the great times I had outdoors playing with my friends, fishing, skiing, etc., and I have to say that I had a really great childhood. Okay, so maybe I really suck at 80's trivia, but I like to think I was pretty lucky. Just don't ask me questions about He-man or She-Ra. I probably won't be able to answer them.

P.S.- Based on this image, I'm not sure if having a doll/action figure of Beaker will bring you good luck in the lab.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Placid Christmas

I am finally back! I had a great holiday, and I thought I would share my holiday adventures over the next couple of posts. It was so nice to have a break that now it is hard to get out of bed in the morning. Back to the grind...

Over Christmas, my family and I decided to go skiing in Lake Placid. I come from a family that has done mostly cross-country skiing, but my husband really wanted to go downhill skiing. In an effort to keep up with my adrenaline junkie of a husband, I decide to go downhill skiing while my parents and sisters went cross-country skiing. Some of you may know from my previous posts that I have tried snowboarding. I have only been snowboarding 3 times, and basically all I can handle is slowly coasting downhill. Now, I have been downhill skiing a couple of times, and I travel at a much faster speed and feel a little more confident of my abilities in that area. Since I wanted my husband to have as much fun as possible, I decide to ski so he wouldn't have to stick to the bunny hill. Unfortunately, I think I gave off more confidence that I really warranted, and my husband took me straight up to the blue and black trails. As our lift went higher and higher up the mountain, my dread escalated. Sure enough, I fell almost continually down the mountain. Luckily I was wearing a helmet. In one memorable fall, I was rolling down the mountain with one ski still intact, but I was continuing to roll much longer than I had before (by this point I was a falling expert). I was literally thinking, "Gee...I just keep rolling. Where am I going?" When I finally stopped, I looked up and realized that I had just rolled down a steep drop from one trail down to another. My errant ski was lodged into the side of the ledge, and my husband was standing at the top of ledge wondering where I went. Poor guy! I like to think I probably looked like the guy in this picture but with a little more flailing involved. After that, I practically walked down the rest of the way. If my dignity would have allowed it, I probably would have crawled down the steepest hills. My dear, sweet husband stayed with me the entire way. Needless to say, I stayed on the green trails after that and did much better.

Lake Placid was beautiful, and I had a great time with my family. It was a very relaxing Christmas, despite the bruising from skiing, which was exactly what I needed.