Friday, June 08, 2007

The Maine Thing

Hurrah! My husband and I made it to our 1 year anniversary without killing each other! Since this is definitely quite a feat for us, we decided to take ourselves out of the bustling ball of stress that is Boston and try some sweet serenity in Maine. We were really looking forward to this trip since both of us were (still are) feeling a little burned out. We stayed at a great bed and breakfast called the Three Pines Bed and Breakfast. It was wonderful! It has a gorgeous view and the owners were fantastic. It was a little off the beaten path so it wasn't as touristy as nearby Bar Harbor. I have nothing but good things to say about it!

We spent most of our time at Acadia National Park. We drove up Cadillac mountain, which had great views of the surrounding ocean (see pictures), and we biked around Jordan Pond. There are so many beautiful views in this park that you become a bit desensitized. Toward the end of the day my husband and I were like, "ANOTHER gorgeous view... again..." It was really great, though, and it was so nice to be surrounded by nature and quietude.

We also spend a little bit of time at Schoodic Park, which is a smaller park nearby. It was great because it had fewer people but still had great views of the ocean. My husband and I hiked out to what we thought was a penninsula. Unfortunately when the tide came in it became an island, and the land bridge we had crossed to get out to the point was completely covered with water. My poor husband and ultimate hero swam across the channel and got our kayak, which we had luckily brough with us. He rowed back across and picked me up. What a sweetheart! Anyway, that was our first anniversary trip together.